Welcome to taste

Welcome to taste

Taste rye in its noblest form

Tastes and scent, that's it. That is what we do. The profiles of our products, their taste, nose and character, are the most important to us. That's probably why our ryeful tastes have been internationally awarded multiple times.

Join our distiller's Kalle and Mari for a ryeful tasting. Watch the video below and compare your notes.

Everyone knows how to taste

We all have our own unique ability to taste. Because of that it's very important for us to get as many people to taste as possible.

Because of the tastings, both of our staff but also our guests, we can monitor our product quality closely.

Your taste is important. Welcome to the tasting!

Taste & compare

Kyrö Tasting App is a great way to explore and compare your notes to our distillers'.

Rye in its noblest form

Kyrö is based on rye

We use 100% rye grain in all of our products. You can actually taste it, and that is how it should be. Rye creates an exceptional base for our products, a base on which to build the rich and versatile taste profile on for each of them.

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